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Good Grief: MetLife Will Be ‘Navigating Life’ Without Snoopy, Peanuts Characters

Charlie Brown may need to try out for an NFL team in need of a placekicker (as long as Lucy isn’t holding) and Schroeder may need to find a few more gigs, as the Peanuts characters have been kicked to the curb. After a more than 30-year partnership MetLife Inc. (MET) , one of the largest life insurance companies in […]

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The Spirituality of Snoopy

Charles Schulz was widely applauded for a long list of achievements. The creator of the Peanuts comic strip was a Pulitzer Prize nominee, and his comics earned him an Emmy, Peabody, and Congressional Gold Medal. Sixteen years after his death in 2000, Schulz is still the third top-earning deceased celebrity, trailing only Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. He even changed […]

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Snoopy Quotes on Love

Do you remember all the amazing children’s books and cartoons you used to read as s child? I do and I have to confess I still like to read some of them today. These Snoopy quotes demonstrate how cartoons are often full of life wisdom and philosophies that we fail to appreciate and put into action. These are my personal […]

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HAN BROWN – The Interplanetary Peanut Gallery

Han and Chewie always dreamed of a simpler life, one where they could lie around all day eating peanuts and counting stars, but the war had other plans for their crooked lives. Smugglers don’t get involved in dangerous intergalactic wars as a rule, but being the only human on board the Falcon makes Solo do some stupid things. But now […]

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Charles And Groot – Bad Luck Chuck

Charlie got really excited when he found a groot growing in his garden, thinking he may finally have a guardian who can defend him against the evil Lucy Van Pelt, but instead he found the groot to be yet another annoyance in his life. The darn thing kept saying its own name over and over again, it laughed when Lucy […]

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Peanuts First Animation (Ford, 1959)

Bill Watterson, creator of arguably the last great comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes, wrote the following about perhaps the greatest comic strip ever. “Peanuts pretty much defines the modern comic strip, so even now it’s hard to see it with fresh eyes. The clean, minimalist drawings, the sarcastic humor, the unflinching emotional honesty….” Charles Schulz, the artistic force behind Peanuts, […]

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Peanuts Recipes!!!

These are select recipes taken and adapted from the Peanuts Cook Book, and the Peanuts Lunch Bag Cook Book published by Scholastic in 1969 and 1970. Feel free to try them out and enjoy! Lucy’s Lemonade To read full article click below!!! Full Article

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Chaos in the Classroom

Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s pet beagle in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. He can also be found in all of the Peanuts movies and television specials, like The Peanuts Movie. Since his debut on October 4, 1950, Snoopy has become one of the most recognizable and iconic characters in the comic strip. The original drawings of Snoopy […]

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Now, this is not my first dance with censorship; a man was once arrested for selling a comic book I’d written. But you’d have to go all the way down the list of salacious reasons why books get banned from prison before hitting on the one that is almost certainly the one that applies here: it’s well-designed for hiding contraband. […]

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Columbus, Ohio | An 83-year old woman was arrested this morning and accused of training dozens of cats to steal jewelry and other valuables from her neighbors. The Columbus Police Department opened an investigation on Ruth Gregson and her 65 cats in October after several neighbors reported small objects being stolen from their homes. Several victims reported being visited by […]

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