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If you notice these signs, you may be experiencing a ‘spiritual death’…

“The phoenix must burn to emerge.” – Janet Fitch. Little pieces of our souls get chipped away the more we ignore or go against our gut instincts and desires. The more we try to appease others instead of following our hearts, the more of our soul we lose. Soul deaths happen anytime we go through a traumatic event or lose […]

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Snoopy gets a star on the Hollywood walk of fame

What would it take to get your dog excited? Walkies or what about getting their own star on Hollywood the walk of fame? The famous cartoon character Snoopy has just achieved that honour in Los Angeles, USA. He first appeared in the comic strip Peanuts 65 years ago, which has been read by people in 75 countries around the world. […]

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How Charlie Brown Destroyed Aluminum Christmas Trees

Aluminum Christmas trees were all the rage in the late 1950s and early ’60s. They were easy to set up and store, would last for years, and gave a modern, space-age feel to your Christmas decor. And they were lit by psychedelic rotating projection lights. Cool! And then, suddenly, the fad was over in 1965. To read full article click […]

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5 Things You Never Knew About Charlie Brown, Snoopy And The ‘Peanuts’ Gang

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and the entire “Peanuts” gang are a beloved part of our collective memory. But how well do you really know them? After all, the comic strip ran for 50 years! From its original name to the number of dogs in Snoopy’s family, there are surely a few details about “Peanuts” that you never knew. Here are […]

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Over The Years, Violet From Peanuts Was Defined Only By Her Cruelty

Violet was the original mean girl of the Peanuts gang. She was even the first character to call Charlie Brown a blockhead. Her main weapon was social exclusion: “I’m having a party, and YOU’RE not invited!” She was, on the surface, an unrepentant bully and one of the least likable characters in Charles Schulz’s strip. Her meanness was not without […]

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Only Brilliants Can Spot Minor Differences In These 8 Pictures!

Childhood is the most adventurous part of our life and we all really miss that adventure once we grow up. Remember the picture puzzle that we use to solve in our childhood; there were many riddles that needed to be solved like finding the differences or find out the path to reach a destination etc. Let us relish that childhood […]

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Young Dumb & Broke, Bank Account, & Bodak Yellow Mashup | Alex Aiono MASHUP FT JamieBoy

Martin Alexander Aiono (born February 16, 1996) is a Samoan-American singer and producer from Phoenix, Arizona. Aiono is well known for his videos on YouTube which has amassed over 651 million views and his social media presence with upwards of 5.3 million followers. He released his first single on a major label with Interscope Records, “Work the Middle”, in February […]

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Wiz Khalifa – Global Access [Official Audio]

Cameron Jibril Thomaz (born September 8, 1987), known professionally as Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper, singer-songwriter and actor. He released his debut album, Show and Prove, in 2006, and signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2007. His Eurodance-influenced single, “Say Yeah”, received urban radio airplay, charting on the Rhythmic Top 40 and Hot Rap Tracks charts in 2008. Watch […]

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Teenager sneaks out and stands on the floor of the gymnasium, a second later, the audience cheers

Micheal Jackson was one of the most loved and talented celebrities the world could have. His every dance move or the clothes he wore became his signature sign. Even after his death, the number of his fans keeps rising and one such fan of MJ has become a celebrity himself by imitating his moves. BRETT NICHOLAS Brett Nicholas, a 17-year-old […]

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Does It Feel Like Falling (feat. Trinidad Cardona) – Alex Aiono (Lyric Video)

I got stars in my eyes And a sea in the dark Just a word to the wise Don’t go tripping over your heart ‘Cause it feels so fast When you’re going down All you see is a flash Like a boxer in the first round… Watch the Video Below ! Source:Alex Aiono

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