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Jason Momoa inspired Hair Color Tutorial

Mikey used a Balyage/Hair Painting Technique using Schwarzkopf BlondMe Bleach lightened with Schwarzkopf 30 Volume Developer.He kept each individual section foiled to avoid bleeding and to maintain heat between the foils to help better process. 

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Sidepart Pompadour

THE CUT Downtown cool comes easy with this wear-it-your-way men’s cut. The pompadour is a timeless style for younger guys and older men alike. It can be styled as a softer look with clean cut, more blended sides, or on the edgier side with a permanent part. In this version, the hair is trimmed short on the sides and back. […]

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Please remember it is dangerous to cut an onion and try to use it to cook the next day, it becomes highly poisonous for even a single night and creates toxic bacteria which may cause adverse stomach infections because of excess bile sectretions and even food poisoning. Share with everyone

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Watch How To Whiten Teeth at Home in 3 Minutes!

If you want extreme results try one of this teeth whitening kits from amazon, they do wonders. How to whiten your teeth at home in just 3 minutes with household items. All you need is this :baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), lemon (you can use citric acid..same thing), toothbrush.Mix the baking soda with the lemon juice untill you end up with […]

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BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Motivational Video!

Ben Lionel Scott TO ALL THE BULLIES IN MY LIFE! I MAY NOT BE PERFECT! BUT YOU ARENT EITHER!!!!!!! some may call me fat,short,gay/lesbian,idiot,gross i don’t care anymore I am me and that’s all that matters! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Motivational Video (ft. Jaret Grossman & Eric Thomas). I’m going to buy mirrors and place them throughout my room so […]

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If You Want to Look Younger, Use This!!

Eliminates Warts, Stains And You Will Look 10 Years Younger Using This Every Evening. Warts are known as conditions that usually appear on the skin and are completely harmless, but at the same time quite annoying and often very painful. Although they may appear anywhere in our body, as well as in the same way it is usual to find […]

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These People Are Making Money Off A Cancer Cure That Could Poison You!!

Apricot seeds can cure cancer — or so thousands of cancer patients believed in the 1970s, despite lots of evidence to the contrary. Now, in an era when natural remedies are no longer fringe and wellness is a multitrillion-dollar industry, this widely debunked theory has taken on a new life as a hydra-headed e-commerce ecosystem that regulators are virtually powerless […]

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Do You Know How Dangerous it’s to Keep the Phone on Your Pockets???

I always kept my phone in the pocket of my jeans until I read this and discovered I was making a huge mistake For many of us it’s an automatic routine we go through every time we leave the house — we grab our keys and put them in one pocket of our pants and then put our cell phone […]

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Watch How to Prevent Hair Loss!

Blow Drying and excessive heat can ultimately damage your hair and lead to breakage. Obviously avoiding it at all costs isn’t something we can manage since it’s an easy way to add volume to your hair. In cases where you need to use heat activated products, make sure to use a protectant spray just to ensure that your hair doesn’t […]

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