ENTERTAINMENT — November 10, 2017 at 4:42 pm

Teenager sneaks out and stands on the floor of the gymnasium, a second later, the audience cheers

Micheal Jackson was one of the most loved and talented celebrities the world could have. His every dance move or the clothes he wore became his signature sign. Even after his death, the number of his fans keeps rising and one such fan of MJ has become a celebrity himself by imitating his moves.

Brett Nicholas, a 17-year-old Internet sensation today had once shocked his school audience at a talent show there. He made memories of MJ’s dance moves come alive with his skills, determination and hard work. Anyone can dress up like Jackson, but only some rare talents can match up to his level. Nicholas is trying to be one of them.

Nicholas entered all shy and humble and the crowd was not aware of the amazing talent they were going to witness. Nicholas actually had been practicing Jackson’s moves from the last 10 year. That’s a very, very long time dude. Nicholas thanks YouTube for all his training.

“YouTube came around and you could find all the videos and songs I remembered hearing,” Nichols said. “Then it was possible to see the choreography, it inspired me. And then I thought, ‘why isn’t this something I can’t do.” Then it was practice, practice, watch, learn and take notes.” That is what we call determination to learn something. Well done dude! You are a real inspiration.

A Celebrity
His dance at the school talent show became a hit and Nicholas rose to fame after that. His performance on performance on Billie Jean is an Internet hit, with YouTube views going from about 7,000 to 170,000 in just one day. He had also released other videos like one being a dance video on the song “Smooth Criminal” that was filmed in San Francisco. He is a media darling now, doing interviews on national television, traveling the world and above all, has worked with Micheal Jackson’s cover band too. He is in major newspapers, earning a reputation and fame in the world. He is also an inspiration to many out there.

Wish you more success boy. Here is his video.